welcome to the s o u p z o n e ™

inspired by the fear of the death of tumblr (my beloved) but then i started actually having fun with it. i honestly have no idea what i'm doing so sorry for the probably endless construction that this site will be under. i hope to use this site to learn html and css and generally give myself a place to gather all my interests WHICH CONSIST OF:

  • music -- specifically midwest emo, indie folk/rock, math rock, etc.
  • coffee -- i'm a coffee nerd at heart but i lack the disposable income to be one in practice so i occasionally post about it to fill the void
  • creative writing -- i've never really posted my writing online, but ideally i will eventually start doing so here
  • queer shit -- idk i'm queer and trans this is bound to come up in some capacity but mainly in the form of T updates
  • druidry and paganism -- i'm in the process of developing a practice at the moment so i'm currently doing more research than posting, but as i get further along that path i will probably make a page on this site dedicated to it :)
  • breaking the list format but i am also an engineering student so i may post about that on occasion
  • and whatever i'm hyperfixated on at any given time. rn it's tech stuff